Privateer Press Mini Crate December Edition Unboxing Video

Today, I do a unboxing video of Privateer Press Mini Crate December Edition monthly subscription service.


A few months ago, Privateer Press announced a new monthly subscription service call Mini Crate. The new subscription service would be new models based on old models set in the Warmachine and Hordes universe. Well today, I did a unboxing of the December edition of the Mini Crate subscription service. This month model is the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come, based on the original Hordes Minion Solo model Feralgeist.

It’s interesting that Privateer Press decided to call the model The Geist of Christmas Yet to Come. I’m guessing this was part of Charles Dickens lost chapter in a Christmas Carol.

Enjoy the video, and is like the idea behind the Mini Crate subscription service, you can sign up for it at



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