Rogue Idol Now Available For Pre-Order From Forge World

Rogue Idol ready to help out the Greenskinz army for Age of Sigmar thanks to Forge World.

You know what today is? It’s Friday, and that means #forgeworldfridays. This week Forge World only has one model up for pre-order this week. This week, the Greenskinz get a new model to help crush their enemies, in Age of Sigmar battles. The Rogue Idol is now available for pre-order from the Forge World web store. The Rogue Idol looks really impressive. The Rogue Idol has 16 wounds, attacking with both Boulder Fists and Stompin’ Feet(the feet start off with 2d6 attacks). The Rogue Idol will be a very good addition to any Age of Sigmar Greenskinz army.

I wonder if the Rogue Idol will be popular in the Japanese Idol scene over in Japan?

From the Rogue Idol announcement:

When greenskins gather for war, their Shamans build mighty idols of Gorkamorka. Some are formed from the rubble of the Orruks’ recent conquests, mortared with noxious Squiggoth dung. Others are built using strange stone quarried in the deep places of the realms, or even incorporate volatile shards of realmstone or shadeglass within their lumpen forms. Daubed with crude sigils, lit by roaring bonfires, the idols sit silent and menacing as the Shamans dance around them and the tribes bellow their war chants. The idols soak up ever more Waaagh! energy until at last the innate magicks of the greenskins react spontaneously with those of the realms themselves.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Rogue Idol. An enormous amalgamation of chunks of rock and densely packed soil, it’s covered in details – from the immense bunched fists to the eerily lifelike, hollow eyes (which can be covered with the optional mask), it’ll prove your devotion to the Waaagh! in fine style. The various surface of the model are covered in glyphs and carven symbols declaring praise to Gorkamorka, and the Idol provides some fantastic opportunity for the advanced modeller to go wild – add your own moss and extra rocks!


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